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Spool Valve type gerotor motor is commonly used when the basic performance and economic solution needed. The spool valve is used to control the oil path. The gerotor is used for producing high torque within small space.

* Spool Valve
The spool valve and housing’s oil path hole control the flow of the gerotor. For simpler design and better performance shaft and spool valve are designed as one body. In addition, shaft plays a role of hydraulic journal bearing.

* Gerotor
Gerotor is composed of fixed internal gear of rounded shape and spinning rotor of star shape.
A simple design with effective orbit principle, this provides low speed and high torque to motor.

* Housing
Pressurized parts within the motor are the inlet, return and housing flow path. By knowing this, we can control the pressure inside the housing.
Check valves and drain ports are installed in order to protect the shaft seal and the thrust bearing.


* Various types of mounting and port size make it possible to apply the motor in many places.
* Direction and speed can be controlled smoothly and the machine can be connected directly to the shaft.
* Every shaft is grinded in order to keep the accurate clearance. Therefore, it has a high volume efficiency.
* The size is small and it is durable in high pressure. Hence, it is applicable to currently used high pressure equipment without altering other parts.

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