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Main Control Valve

main control valve
The main control valve for forklift truck is composed of several sections and valves. It controls fork lifting, master tilting, and auxiliary moving functions. The valve mainly functions as a directional control valve, but it also has several pressure and flow control valves, such as relief valve, flow regulator (down control) valve, tilt and lift lock valves. Also, additional safety functioning valves can be attached as in ISO type.


- By incorporating HYDROSTAT function, energy is reduced and heat generation is minimized.
- Tilt lock valve prevent tilting malfunction by acting counter balance valve.
- Flow Regulator control the work’s down speed.
- Lift lock valve increase user’s safety by preventing abnormal free fall of the fork.
- In ISO Type, when driver gets out of the seat or the engine stops during operation, the valve prevent accident by cutting off the flow to the directional control part.

Nominal flow rate : 95 /min
Operating Pressure(Max) : 250bar
Relief Valve Setting Pressure Main : 210bar
Auxiliary : 165bar
Back Pressure Peak : 15bar
Max : 10bar
Fluid : Mineral Oil ISO VG 46
Fluid Temperature : -30℃ ~-100℃
Ambient Temperature : -30℃ ~50℃

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