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Flow Amplifier

flow amplifier
The FAM flow amplifier is used in large vehicle typically very large fork lift trucks, loaders, dumpers. The flow amplifier amplifies the oil flow from the power steering unit cylinder ports L or R by an amplification factor. The amplified oil flow is directed from the flow amplifier ports CL or CR to the steering cylinder. The amplified flow is proportional to the rate of steering wheel rotation.


- High steering capacity
- Low pressure drop at high flow
- Built in valve: a direction valve, an amplification stage, a priority valve, a pilot pressure relief valve, a back pressure valve, shock and suction valves

Max. steering pressure : 210 kgf/㎠(20.6 MPa)
Rated Flow : 160 /min
Amplification factors : 4, 5, 6, 10
Total displacement of steering system : 400~1600 cc/rev

made in korea -_-
creative group : http://decodesign.co.kr 200605