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flow regulator valve
As a pressure compensated flow control regulator, it plays a role of an fixed orifice in free flow and a flow regulator in reverse flow.

* Features
- It has two different functions according to the direction of the flow. As a flow regulator, it keeps the flow constant by incorporating the varying the flow area. It is simpler and more effective than electro-hydraulic flow control valve.

* Applications
- The most common application is forklif’t s mast.
When the mast is going up, it keeps the inner space maximum and the oil flows freely. When the mast is coming down, it keeps the down speed constant regardless of the load.


* Controlled Flow
- The flow must be preset such as 100 lpm, 150~180lpm, 250 lpm etc.

* Pressure Range
- In regulating function, it is usually 6 ~ 210 bar.

* Free Flow Loss
- When used as an orifice, it has some value of the pressure drop. The pressure loss must be measured on stable flow near the controlled flow.

Inline Type

* Features
- As a direct connecting system, it requires small working space.
- It is suitable to a mid flow system and small vehicles.

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