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Transmission Control Valve
Main Control Valve
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transmission control valve
The transmission control valve controls the transmission of forklift trucks. It keeps the set pressure and operates torque converter and clutch. When the clutch is engaged, torque is transferred from torque converter to each actuator, which makes it possible for the vehicle to move forward and backward. In addition, by installing the accumulator inside, it is now possible to avoid shock during forklift is operated.


* Main Relief Valve
- By keeping the pressure stable in the valve, the main relief valve prevents quick pressure fluctuation. When it opens it supplies oil to the torque converter.

* Inching Valve
- The inching valve makes the clutch contact smoother by regulating the oil pressure into the clutch.

* Accumulator Valve
- The accumulator valve makes it clutch operation smoother by increasing the pressure rising time from the clutch contact.

* Forward & Reverse Valve
- The valve determines the direction of vehicle by controlling the oil flow after receiving the electric signals(DC12V, DC24V).

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