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Power Master Brake Valve
Brake Valve

The Boosted Hydraulic Brake Actuator consists of Booster and Master Cylinder. It is applied to Open Center Hydraulic System and constitutes Brake System by being combined with Dual Flow Divider that has a built-in flow control function.
Both Power and Manual mode is possible and pedal works by push method. By changing the area ratio of Booster and Master Cylinder Piston, you can adjust the ratio of Booster input pressure and Brake Line pressure.


- The flow control function(Dual Flow Divider, or Flow Control Vavle) is required.
- Due to the application of Booster, it is possible to lower the main system pressure.
- Two different oils can be used for master cylinder and booster.
- Cost effective design by making booster piston and master cylinder piston as one piece.
- Abrupt operation is prevented: Controlling the pressure by the built in relief valve.


Brake System Type : Hydraulic Boosted System
Brake Valve Flow Rate : 3.8 ~ 4.9 /min
Brake Line Pressure : 80 kgf/㎠
Booster Pressure at Max. Brake Pressure : 40~45 kgf/㎠
Full Stroke : 32.5 mm
Power Cylinder Fluid Displacement : 18 cc
Brake Work Pressure : 83 bar at Spool Stroke 11.3 mm
Brake Work Force : 145 kgf at Work Pressure 83 kgf/㎠
Master Cylinder Fluid : Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32 or Equivalent

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