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Torque Generator
Hydraulic Motor

The Torque Generator as a rotary device converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. It is usually used to small size vehicles such as golf cart, sweeper, rice-planting machine etc.
The following drawing shows a typical system with the torque generator.
The typical system consists of torque generator, reduction gear, and mechanical linkage which is connected to steered wheel and power unit (pump, relief Valve, tank).
Relief valve can also be installed into the torque generator.


System : Open Center, Load Reaction
Max. System Pressure : 70kgf/㎠(6.9MPa)
Rated Flow : 9.5 ~15.1/min
Displacement : 80, 100 ㎤/rev
Max. Output Torque : 6.2~8.1kgf.m(61~79Nm)
Max. Back Pressure : 2kgf.m(0.2MPa)
Steering input torque : 0.2kgf.m(2.0Mn)
Max. Acceptable Input Torque : 12kgf.m(118Nm)
System Operation Temperature : 95℃
Recommended Filtration : nominal 10 ㎛

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