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What is a Power Steering Unit
Standard Power Steering Unit
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What is a power steering unit?

The power steering unit is an essential component for steering of the heavy duty vehicles, which provide higher steering power, reliability, comfort and safety.
The power steering unit is classified as “a hydrostatic steering system”. This is not a mechanical connection between a steering column and steered wheels but the connection between a power steering unit and steering cylinders by use of hydraulic hoses and pipes.
By the power steering unit the driver’s steering operation controls the directions and pressure of the oil from the pump.
The oil flows into the steering cylinders(left or right) and the same volume goes back to tank. The steering wheel controls the direction and wheels are turned proportionally as steering wheel turns.

The power steering unit is used normally for industrial vehicles, constructional equipments, marine ships, and servo-type systems that are needed to control directions and positions.

The advantages of the power steering unit

* Minimization of the steering linkage (by replacing the mechanical link with flexible hose)
- Design flexibility and cost-down
* Preventing the wheels from transferring the load to the steering column
- Reducing the driver’s fatigue
* Low input torque and continuous steering function
- Oil output directly proportional to the steering speed
* Wide range of choices of gerotor displacement
* Various hydraulic systems available to fit the optimum system design

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