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What is a Power Steering Unit
Standard Power Steering Unit
Standard Power Steering Unit with Intergral Valves
Integral Power Steering Unit
Mini-Type Power Steering Unit
Rear Port Power Steering Unit


- Various integral valves are applied within steering system. (inlet check valve, relief valve, suction valve, shock valve)
- Attachable valve blocks : priority, flow divider, flow control valve, etc.
- Special functions according to customer’s request are available: high system pressure, high back pressure, low slip gerotor, low input torque, etc.


Max. System Pressure : 175kgf/㎠(17.2MPa)
Rated Flow : 23 /min, 45 /min
Relief Pressure Range : 60~175 kgf/㎠(5.9~17.2 MPa)
Relief Pressure Range of Shock Valve : 140~230 kgf/㎠(13.7~22.6 MPa)
Max. Back Pressure : 0.2 kgf.m
Max. System Operation Temperature : 95 ℃
Recommended Filtration : nominal 10 ㎛
System : Open center(non load reaction or load reaction) Load sensing(static or dynamic signal) Closed center

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